A Cache is a recorded item, or set of items, that has been classified and analysed by the ESC. These Caches can take any form, and as long as a record exists for them, they are given a Hash Key and logged in the WExArc


A Cache is deemed to be a Cache the moment it is recorded by an S-Branch analyst. E-Teams may refer to objects or organisms as Caches on discovery, or when they are collected, but a Cache is designated from the moment an analyst enters it into the WExArc.

Numbering SystemEdit

The numbering system for Caches is an alphanumeric system of progressively smaller ses of classifications. For example, EUKE-001 is the designation given to Cpt. George Tacitus. As he was classified before the WExArc was founded, the designation was only given when the WExArc was founded, and subsequently he was the first entered. In this example:

E stands for Earth

UK stands for United Kingdom

E stands for Essex

001 is the number given to this Cache.

As another example, the Skull Nebula is designated as VMI-306. This is a good demonstration of the scale of the designations. In the Skull Nebula example:

V stands for Virgo Supercluster

M stands for Maffei Group

I stands for IC 342 Subgroup

306 is the number given to this Cache.