ESC IntranetEdit

Welcome to the landing page for the Extranatural Security Council intranet. The ESC has recently declassified a large quantity of its records, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and so will be archiving the declassified archival data on this portal. This particular portal is open for public viewing. DO NOT post links to items within classified portals without the written consent of the OC.

Basic RulesEdit

As a requirement, in order to view these pages, you must be registered on an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is logged in the event that you attempt to edit a record or Cache.

In order to have your amendments confirmed, it is required that you apply as an analyst first. Acceptance is automatic, and the WIKIA system will provide you with an account. However, this does not mean that you can start modifying data. 

Caches will always have the names of their principal contributors in Appendix B - Contributors. If you are amending anything other than syntax errors, you must contact the analyst in question, either through the TALK page or their profile.

Ranks are issued by officers. It is that simple. There is no quick way to advance without contributing a great deal to the portal. Please do not change your avatar to a rank you have not achieved, you will be barred.

All rank signs can be obtained from the Public Media Portal.


This portal contains all of the useful links that you may need while browsing the intranet.

Public Portal
The Extranatural Security Council - WExArc - Cache

Latest activityEdit

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