EUKL-001, named The Rock Anthem WAV File by Extraction team E-I , is a recording recovered from a Universal Serial Bus (USB) memory drive at 10 Downing Street, London. It is a recording of a distorted rock anthem, presumed to be a Rock 'n' Roll cover of the Soviet National Anthem, which has various effects on the listener.


Inintial InvestigationEdit

The following is an excerpt from the initial investigation, conducted by 2Lt George Tacitus.

"It's weird... It is literally just sound waves. There's no distinctive pattern. It seems to be the sequence of sounds, not the individual sounds, that sets off reactions. Computer, note that. Who the hell created this... Computer, note the patterns. Find any distinctive pattern in the waves. We're looking for something like a Fibonacci pattern. Hmm, Fibonacci. That could be interesting... The file sounds like a rock song. I'm guessing it was originally an actual song. Computer, sideload. Try and undistort the sound, use every protocol available. Judging by the sound, there are multiple effects applied. But they can't just be random. Things like this don't randomly occur. In fact... Computer, report tasks."
"And the wave pattern?"
"Thank you. Computer, cease recording. This should be off the record."[FURTHER RECORDING REDACTED, ON ORDER OF ESC:S-1:TCTS]

It is unknown as to why Lt. Tacitus stopped recording at that moment. In the words of Cpl. Lewis Armstrong, "Usually it's when they're breaching human rights, but it's a computer file, so f*ck knows what he was doing in there." The full report of Lt. Tacitus' investigation is published below.

Full ReportEdit

Classification EUKL-001
Known As The Rock Anthem WAV File
Officer Responsible Second Leftenant George Tactitus
Date and Location of Extraction 10 Downing Street, Unknown

Initial Investigation

WAV format file, set to automatically play when the USB Flash Drive it is contained on is loaded. Encoded with an unknown device, nonetheless readable by Microsoft Windows computers. Sound pattern triggers psychological cues in human brain, leading to various effects on the listener. No known pattern to file, and no known pattern to effects.

-Almost certainly malicious-

Full Investigation

Full investigation has yielded no further results, however there have been observed a number of effects. The test subjects used are randomly selected, and all have died. However, the information has yieded a slight pattern in the types of response to listening.

The pattern of effects coresponds to an apparent "dominant emotion" the test subect has. The list is incomplete, however the effects are all consistent.

Guilt Renders the subject extremely emotionally volatile, and subject enters a state of depression. The subject will then attempt to inflict wounds on themself, using any materials available. In one example, in the absence of any external materials, the subject ripped off their own jawbone, and used that to carve into their stomach. The result of this is usually death, incurred by massive trauma. Ceasing to play the file does not stop the effects.
Happiness Asphyxiation from uncontrollable laughing. Usually results in death. 
Fear Causes extensive hallucinations, and nigth terrors in dreams. Does not result in death directly, however, many subjects will commit suicide because of the hallucinations.
Jealousy Possibly the strangest. The file stimulates production of a pigment in the iris of the eyes that literally turn subjects "green-eyed". If the sound is still playing after eyes have become green, the pigment will begin to poison the blood of the subject.
Sloth (Laziness) Not to be confused with tiredness, or exhaustion. The file causes a complete shutdown of all non-vital muscles in the body, including vocal cords and spinal muscles. This appears to be a result of the brain actually telling the muscles to shut down, and the subject will be rendered unable to move, or even talk. Eventually, the fat build-up from the muscles will lead to normal health complications, however, ceasing to play the file will not slow or halt the process.
Exhaustion, Tiredness The subject seems to susatain massive tissue damage, as though lacerated, starting with tissue on the limbs and ending with tissue in the heart.

Modified FileEdit

The reproduction which appears below is a modification of the original file, which has been levelled, despeckled and re-encoded to traditional waveforms. This has rendered the music (mostly) safe to hear. The below is a public copy of the modified file.